Getting Started In Equestrian

equestrian sports can be an exhilarating experience to say the least! But mounting one of those beautiful animals can also be dangerous if you aren’t sure what you are doing! We recommend that you educate yourself on the basics of good horsemanship before embarking on this great adventure. In addition, you will want to purchase the correct clothing and equipment to keep you safe.

To get started, there are a number of different resources that can help you find information about riding lessons, schools and camps. Try a local horse association, your town’s parks and recreation department, a 4H or FFA club, or you can even check with veterinarians who work with larger animals. Equestrian people know other equestrian people so start networking!

Finding a reputable trainer is important to ensure your safety and to start with good riding habits. People tend to stick with the habits that they form at the beginning to it is necessary to get it right from the start! It is much easier than having to start all over again. That is why a local parks and recreation department can be very helpful in this regard. They usually screen the trainers before they recommend them so that will give you and advantage.

4H and FFA clubs can also be good sources of information because these are the people who frequently use these services. You might even try checking at a local tack shop and speaking with the people who work there who might know a good trainer.

Equestrian sport is big business, so those who are heavily involved have a vested intrest in the quality of their trainers. Particularly breeders are great sources of information. You can find these people through local horse associations. Once you have your selection narrowed down, you should take the time to visit the barns and stables where these people work. A personal look can give you a good idea of the quality you should expect.

Once you find a trainer he or she can help you select the best horse for your type of riding. Thoroughbreds are the most popular for equestrian sports, but other popular breeds include Arabians, Hanoverians, Morgans, Quarter Horses and a few others. The trainer can also help you choose the proper riding apparel which should always include an authorized helmet and riding boots.