NEA Offers Equestrian Library

The Newfoundland Equestrian Association now offers a selection of DVDs and books that can help improve your equestrian skills. Anyone who is a member of the association can borrow these materials for free.

The DVDs cover subjects such as clipping techniques, understanding bits, various types of saddle fits, dressage and more. Not only do these videos teach techniques but they can help inspire beginning equestrians to greater achievement.

The books available are particularly beneficial to beginning riders. They cover what to look for when you purchase your first horse, the basics of how to build a course, the basics of horse tack and equipment, shoing, bandaging, and various types of exercises that can improve your skills. There are also many books for intermediate and advanced riders looking to find a winning edge.

We encourage everyone to make use of these fantastic materials. For a complete list of available DVDs and videos visit this page